The Quantum Communication Revolution and Extraterrestrial Intelligence

My idea of searching the extraterrestrial qubits starts to gain traction!




8 thoughts on “The Quantum Communication Revolution and Extraterrestrial Intelligence

  1. Eamonn Ansbro says:

    Hi there, Just to update you. The technology for Quantum Super luminal communications has been achieved. It’s recently being applied to SETI. I can provide details and references to you. Science papers have been submitted to journals, one being under review at present.


      • Eamonn Ansbro says:

        A recent presentation in March was given to the UK SETI Research Network at University of Manchester, UK. This was recent breakthrough technology in faster than light communications as applied to SETI
        Here is a the presentation on the Jodrell Bank Manchester site.…-transfer-.pdf

        Science papers are in progress regarding the technologies and operations to SETI.
        One paper is submitted to a journal and is under review.


      • Eamonn, I followed the link you provide me (I thank you for that), but couldn’t find anything of scientific interest. It shows nothing about the actual science and technology related to FTL communication. Do you have anything else, something more grounded in scientific concepts?


      • Eamonn Ansbro says:

        Hi Rovidiu2014,

        I agree with you. Their are a few papers under work in progress with other authors at present about the science behind this technology. The second half of 2017 may have some of them published. The presentation given in Manchester was a closed workshop (symposium) in March where this was the first time for this material to be presented.


      • Eamonn, apart from this FTL discussion, I noticed from the presentation that you have some observational equipment there. I wonder if it is possible to add some quantum setups to the existing equipment, in order to look for quantum states of light coming from the outer space?


      • Eamonn Ansbro says:

        Rovidiu2014, this may be possible, but would require from it’s original operation some major redesigning from it’s application specifics in SETI.


      • Would you be willing to get involved in the search for outer space qubits with your equipment, Eamonn? This may involve not only to look for ETI signals but also to quantum states coming from rotating black holes.
        Please call me Ovidiu and you can email me at my personal address: if you like.


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